Regional leadership

Regional Leadership

  • 10-year leadership as Chairman of Fulton County – the largest county in Georgia with 1.1 million residents and 14 municipalities, including the City of Atlanta
  • Created Fulton Mayors Council for the 15 cities in metro Atlanta
  • Created the JC criminal justice task force
regional leadership

John has been a bridge builder and forged relationships with all 14 Mayors in Fulton County. Together, they worked to pass a regional transportation initiative that will channel $655 million into road, bridges and infrastructure improvements. Fulton County and its cities will start seeing the benefits this year right in your own backyard.

John successfully launched an Interfaith Council that for the first time has brought together Jews, Muslims, Christians and other faiths to begin a dialog to promote peace and understanding. This is a huge step to embracing diversity upon which Fulton County prides itself.

All criminal justice systems need work. But with collaboration, John brought together Fulton County’s justice partners and is now on track to lead, not just metro Atlanta, but the entire nation in justice reform. In 2017, $7.4 million was invested to overhaul the justice system. The goal is to reduce the number of inmates in the jail by up to 700, eliminate the backlog of tens of thousands of court cases and save up to $8 million of your tax dollars.

Recently, Atlanta’s reputation has been tarnished by scandal and corruption. John believes we deserve accountability and transparency, setting the standard for the 2017 Mayoral race by releasing his 2015 tax return. Additionally, Fulton County’s contracts are available online, and John addresses all questions raised about how the County does business.



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