• Presided over the resurrection of Grady Memorial Hospital
  • Formed nation’s first PrEP clinic at Morehouse College to address Atlanta’s HIV epidemic

The Grady Memorial Hospital transformation from a public hospital to a private, nonprofit corporation.

“I wouldn’t be here without Grady.” Just ask Emily Eubanks, Clay Long, Justin Keoninh and thousands of others whose lives were saved at Georgia’s premier trauma hospital. John worked to secure continued funding for Grady and has supported its expansion. This facility is a centerpiece of Atlanta and nationally recognized. John has devoted his energy and available resources to ensure that we have the best healthcare possible. Atlantans deserve nothing less.

Fulton County fights HIV by opening a no-cost PrEP Clinic.

The HIV/AIDS epidemic plagues metro Atlanta, but John has led the charge to do something about the crisis. Fulton County opened one of the first PrEP clinics on a college campus. We launched our historic effort at Morehouse College. The goal: zero new cases of HIV in Fulton County.

International Relationships are key to success

We cannot fully succeed without our global partners. John recently signed an agreement that begins a new relationship with the city of Taoyuan, a growing city in Taiwan. The next step is a visit to Taiwan to explore business opportunities and expand metro Atlanta’s global youth program to offer them valuable insights into other worldwide cultures. It is one of many global relationships forged with many countries including Brazil and Japan since John took office.