Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

  • Reduced inmate population in Fulton County jails by 50% – largest major criminal justice reform in GA
  • Created a diversion court that offers access to mental and behavioral health services
  • Launched an Expungement Initiative to clear minor criminal arrest records
Public Safety

Building on his efforts to make Fulton County a safer place to live and work, John advanced public safety initiatives and implemented policies that will help better protect us.

Under John’s leadership, Fulton County earmarked $2.5 million in 2017 to enhance public safety in unincorporated South Fulton. The money will be used not only to step up police patrols but also to provide supervision and electronic monitoring of youth who are in the court system. More importantly, Fulton County will fund programs to reach at-risk youth and provide them the resources necessary to keep them on the right track. John wants to connect with them before they go down the wrong path.

The County purchased dash cameras and body cameras to enhance the safety of its police officers and ensure transparency and accountability. Fulton County Police are on the front lines as the only department in metro Atlanta with the latest technology available in body cameras and dash cameras. The County spent $470,000 to purchase 170 cameras that have the unique ability to take 360-degree crime scene evidence and alert 911 if an officer is down. The equipment enhances the safety of our police officers and ensures transparency and accountability.

One initiative John is most proud of is the success in expunging arrest records of those who have never been convicted. He worked with prosecution and defense staff, along with law enforcement and court officials at the first record restriction event which drew over 400 people and 75 percent received a clean slate. Removing an old arrest record clears the way for employment, housing, and educational assistance. Everyone should have a second chance.

And everyone should feel safe walking down the street. Recent concerns about dog attacks have prompted John to initiate efforts to work with cities to enhance animal control services. We are working with the city of Atlanta to add three officers to patrol the high-risk areas and plan to launch efforts to educate pet owners and offer them resources that help them understand the steps they can take to keep all of us safe.


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