An Efficient and Effective City

As Atlanta’s next mayor, you can be assured that I know above all else that to accomplish everything mentioned here, you must do it well—efficiently and effectively. In other words, done with excellence.

I want Atlanta to earn A’s, not settle for B’s or C’s or continue receiving failing grades (that is now the standard) at City Hall.  My leadership skills transformed Fulton County without raising property taxes and generated surplus budgets for a decade while improving services. That is what I will do at City Hall as mayor.


As Atlanta’s next mayor, I will build an administration that values and performs with excellence. We will make a priority of bringing in the best talent and giving them the support to excel. In return, I will hold every department and city agency to the highest standards. My administration will create a culture that rewards innovation and creativity, not just at City Hall, but in business and communities throughout Atlanta.


Everyone remembers the winter ice storm 2014, the calamity of the City’s response that left hundreds stranded and stuck in the cold—including school children. As Atlanta’s next mayor, I will make our response, rescue and recovery operations the most efficient and effective ever. There is no higher priority of a city during natural disasters and major weather events than our readiness. First responders will never be unprepared and they will never be without the resources they need.



Nothing stuns growth like a bureaucracy that bogs down development with a slow, outdated permitting process. If Atlanta is to successfully compete with other cities and regions in attracting builders and developers, our City must be user-friendly and a welcoming place. Those who want to invest in the city’s future need to know that our regulations and procedures are fair, reasonable and administered to make sure everyone can easily navigate the system.

My administration promises a thorough review of the permitting process to ensure excellent customer service and communication and that the city is doing all it can to reduce and eliminate delays.


Our water, our air, our greenspace and other natural resources must be protected and respected. My administration will make priorities of: recycling, green power, electric vehicles, charging stations, etc. We would update the Power to Change plan and create a resilience plan as well.  Green, energy efficient buildings would continue to be the standard for the city.



I will institute the most rigorous, best designed analysis and tracking system to ensure departments operate efficiently. I will use that data to set aggressive performance goals that are created through understanding the business practices of each department and various business units. I will make sure staff members constantly research best practices in government and the private sector to make sure our work measures up and exceeds fine work already underway around the country.

All of this taken together, I say “Let’s Go Atlanta! Roll up your sleeves with John Eaves” Leadership you trust, and performance you can count on!