A Trustworthy Government

At present, our city is in a crisis of corruption, potentially the most corrupt city government in the history of the City of Atlanta. What sets the Eaves’ campaign apart from the rest of the field is simply this: when it comes to fighting corruption, I have been a leader, the rest of the candidates for mayor have been followers. Since voters overwhelmingly elected me Chairman of Fulton County 10 years ago we have had zero corruption at the County—ZERO! Meanwhile, my opponents at the City and in the State Senate, have sat on their hands, neglecting their oversight responsibility, all while City Hall became a cesspool of scandal and corruption.

As mayor, I will change that on day one. The Eaves Administration will create a City Hall that its residents, vendors and other partners can believe in and trust; a government that operates every day at the highest ethical and moral standards.


Atlanta must set and follow rigorous ethical standards. Mayor Shirley Franklin reinforced the city’s ethical rules. I am committed to reviewing all our rules and regulations to ensure they are up-to-date and there are no loopholes. We cannot allow elected officials or city employees to use their positions to profit. I will also require lobbyists to register with the City and report spending on government officials.


The city I lead will have a culture at which everyone knows we value the public trust and one where we will work every day to ensure we maintain it. The tone is set at the top, and in the spirit of transparency, as mayor, I will annually disclose all sources of income and release my tax returns. I will urge all elected officials to do the same.

Too many city residents complain they struggle to understand the city’s processes and access city information. My team will be responsive to public record requests in a timely manner. We will also post city financial records and contacts on a portal to allow public access in a simple, clear way. I will create regular opportunities for residents to bring their issues to me and staff.