To be mayor of Atlanta is to take on the responsibility of leadership for one of our country’s greatest cities.  It is a position of trust given by the citizens when they vote. They want to and need to believe that their elected officials are going to govern with integrity and honesty, transparency and accountability. I too am a citizen of Atlanta and expect that same high standard of our leadership. I am also a citizen running for mayor and expect it from myself and my administration. My promise to my fellow citizens is to work every day from that standard. Let us start now. As a step toward greater transparency and integrity in the campaign and in office, I am releasing my 2015 and 2014 Federal income taxes. I will certainly do the same for 2016 once they are completed.

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I believe taxpayers deserve leaders who are active advocates for our citizens and good stewards of every hard-earned dollar invested in our government. Throughout my service, as Chair of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners, I have maintained constant review and engagement with the budget. Whenever I found discrepancies or practices that were not consistent with ethical financial management I directed the appropriate departments to investigate and with my colleagues, took action. As an example, I led the charge to conduct an audit of suspected bad practices at the Wolf Creek Amphitheatre and didn’t hesitate to take the necessary steps to protect taxpayer interests. There has already been a substantial change in policy, management, and accountability at that facility.–politics/two-fulton-county-employees-fired-aftermath-wolf-creek-audit/UW4HXBrEBRP4dIDMIPC1BI/


Transparency keeps elected officials accountable. That idea is at the core of my belief and practice as a public servant. I am elected to serve and represent the citizens, and their government must be open and transparent so they can see and measure what we do. I have a long-standing record of transparency and remain committed to working tirelessly to do so with integrity and respect.

As Chairman of Fulton County for ten years, I have worked diligently with my colleagues and senior management team to ensure transparency is a priority throughout our government. As a result, I can proudly proclaim that our commitment and work has led to an A+ rating from Ballotpedia…The Encyclopedia of American Politics.

Join me to ensure we have transparent and accountable government in City Hall. We deserve it and need it. My commitment to transparency and accountability is clear and documented. It will always be the foundation of my life as a public servant. Let’s start today. Together we can make the great city of Atlanta even greater!

Let’s Go, Atlanta!!